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Creative Medical Research

Our UK-based client, a boutique market research agency specialising in the medical device sector, has been working with us for two years. Working across six continents, services are delivered to 39 countries and numerous global medical device and pharmaceutical brands.


Increased profits by


over 24 months

Development of key

strategic competitor


Results In detail

CEO required senior managerial support to achieve the onerous financial targets implemented over a five-year period following a difficult MBO process

Satisfaction of MBO financial targets and repayment terms with a decrease of £160,000 per annum. Previous owners’ equity decreasing every quarter, improving CEO’s shareholding year-on-year

Leadership and management support and training. Financial literacy training requirements. Identification of team requirements and training / induction processes

General management training and support delivered including: financial literacy training, leadership and management training and support and ongoing induction and training processes introduced

Increasing company profits and financial margins

Increased profits by £292,000 over 24 months (48%)

Identification of strategic opportunities and implementation of growth plans

Strategic company development plans and identification of new opportunities, particularly related to diabetes drug delivery systems. Identification of new target markets. Development of key strategic competitor alliances. Review of marketing techniques and plans.

customer feedback

We are more focused and in much better shape than we were before and I believe that without Stuart there probably wouldn’t be a business. Stuart has helped me to appreciate the strength of my position and I think of him as a business partner. He’s no nonsense, which is necessary for tangible results.

George Ashford - CEO - Creative Medical Research

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