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Drive growth and take your business to the next level with our business consultancy services. You’ll be supported by our dynamic team of veteran consultants in making operational, structural, and multi-process changes to your business which will lead you to optimum results for every area of the company.

In the fast paced and forever changing world of business, business owners must be highly innovative and extremely proactive in their decisions, out-perform customer expectations and provide incredible customer experiences which are fundamental in any strategy.

Find out more about each of the business consultancy services that we offer below.

Richard has become a market leader in the distribution of palletised freight within the East of England. His entrepreneural skills at delivering a consistent brand to the marketplace using both new technology and the latest equipment and machinery. He is a consistent and very high performer in the logistics and supply chain sector.

David - Director - Legal Services

Richard is a completely focused entrepreneur and since 1994, he has developed very professional organisations in the logistics sector according to business models that he has developed himself. We were so impressed by Richard and his companies, that we voted him Businessman of the Year in 2011.

Tony - Director - Business Services

Chris has consulted to our company since 2005 producing our monthly management accounts, year end and advising on various financial matters including tax. Chris is astute, precise, methodical and is extremely committed to his projects. His understanding of different industry sectors is exceptional and he could assist any business to progress forwards positively.

John - Director - Logistics

I have had ongoing business relations with Stuart for many years and have always found him to be an extremely knowledgeable and professional individual. His depth of experience combined with an ability to communicate in a very honest and open manner allows Stuart to quickly identify opportunities to add value to your business. Always approachable, Stuart has proved himself to be a very popular senior visionary with a tangible record of delivering change enhancing success, I enjoy working with him and I have always experienced positive outcomes as a direct result of his input.

Adrian - Director - Logistics

Richard is an enthusiastic business man and entrepreneur in the Transport and Logistics sector. He is clearly focused on delivering quality service to his customers and business partners.

James - CEO - Pallet Network

Our consultancy services

  • Logistics network specialists

    The performance of a logistics network is a crucial differentiator for all businesses that require their services to be competitive, reliable and transparent. The faster, safer and more accurately orders flow through any network from source to consumer, the better. Our consultants can design, build and implement an efficient network strategy that is strong, flexible and adaptable, whilst exceeding future consumer demands that you are likely to encounter.

  • Commercial property

    Our team have a wide range of experience in commercial property, including industrial and retail.  Whether lease or ownership, dilapidation or lease negotiation, upgrading security or a complex installation with ongoing maintenance management, we have the expertise.  If you need investment or planning permission for future expansion, we can assist or project manage unique situations in varying circumstances to meet your individual requirements.

  • Sales and marketing

    Creating targeted pricing structures and proactive plans to focus on profitable Sales and Marketing direction, whilst remaining user friendly for your customers. Our processes encourage repeat orders and increased loyalty, and to continually nurture opportunities for expansion or diversification to enhance service offering or product range.  Through rigorous analysis, unique collaborations and brand development, you can execute a new sales and marketing strategy to keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • Succession planning

    Design and implement ofstrategic and proactive succession planning that aligns with your business strategy to integrate with any existing management development. We can ensure that you gain the benefits of succession planning, including improving workforce capability, preparing potential talent and reducing recruitment costs. We can show you how to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to excel your team in their future leadership roles.

  • Executive coaching

    Executive coaching provides improved performance through developing individual personal skills, as well as increasing confidence, focus, proactivity and much more to ensure that professionals and executives approach situations in a more pragmatic and strategic manner. Our consultancy techniques, principles and methods underpin core values to diversify your thinking and revolutionise your approach, enabling you to comfortably reach your future targets or goals.

  • Resource planning

    There are a multitude of areas to factor into this critical business task that can be proportioned through a number of measured systems, tested processes and analytical methods. Strategic resource planning can prove highly challenging whilst managing everyday responsibilities and commitments in a busy organisation or within your existing infrastructure.  We possess the experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure that each eventuality is quantified.

  • Financial strategy

    Control and a sophisticated understanding of a financial position and possibility is absolutely key to creating sustainable growth.We offer strategic financial consulting services that cover the entire finance spectrum and analyse all activity that either directly or indirectly impacts the overall performance of your business. Our agile, holistic and detailed approach to finance resource, cash flow, profit margins and strategic forecasting will bring an enterprising and meticulous focus to your business that you will find very refreshing. Highly innovative and immediately beneficial in the future path of your business.

  • Supply chain

    Whichever sector of industry your business operates within there is an aspect of your supply chain that can be strengthened, automated, integrated and optimised. We provide tangible solutions that increase supply chain visibility, enhance security and protect your cyber defences with resilient technologies.  Additionally, we determine appropriate e-commerce and procurement solutions that will ensure your supply chain to be more efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable, and of course profitable.

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