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Management consultation services which help you to maximise efficiency, design new initiatives, strengthen weaknesses, access new opportunities and introduce positive change with constant reviews. These aspects of management are crucial to the satisfaction, contentment, and success of all those associated to your business.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, partnership, limited company or other corporation, you will have strategic goals and require future direction to address the challenges that your business may currently face or will potentially face in the future.

Find out more about each of the management services that we offer below.

As a very busy and highly driven multi business owner, I had plenty of challenges to overcome in this relocation process, both professionally and personally. I endeavoured to select a consultant that I felt could support all aspects. I appointed TCS in 2013 to project manage my entire business relocation, as well as review and optimise my end to end supply chain. TCS made the entire transition much smoother, as well as creating a far more resilient, efficient and reduced cost supply chain for the future. TCS were incredible and performed to a much higher standard than I had anticipated, they were extremely communicative, organised, fast paced and thorough with strong attention to detail. Since the positive changes above, we have increased our sales by over 30% year on year.

Azam - CEO – Nustone Products Limited

Richard & Stuart are hard task-masters, so our advice would be 'only work with them, if you are prepared to work hard, accept direct and constructive criticism, meet all your deadlines and obligations of working with them and want to aim high'.

Fiona - Partner – Health & Wellbeing Business

I have worked with Richard for many years within a challenging and dynamic sector where margins are tight and competition is fierce. During this time Richard has maintained his core principals of innovation, determination and excellence – and placing the customer at the heart of every decision. I strongly recommend him as business partner for his openness, fairness and positivity.

Martyn - Director - Logistics

I have known of Richard for many a year but only got to know him recently through his success at becoming the very first Colchester Connected Awards Businessman of the Year. His company SLi is synonymous with the town of Colchester and both are a credit to our region. I would not hesitate in recommending either to any one and am confident he would add value and innovation to any business.

Steve - Director - Design & Print

Richard is a hard-working, dynamic and dedicated businessman who is focused on customer service and quality. He started small and with his loyal staff, he has grown his logistics businesses to become major service providers in an extremely competitive market.

Jeff - Director - Construction

Richard has grown his business over many years and is a very impressive businessman. He analyses the market, checks the competition, establishes what he needs to do to be successful and then goes ahead and does it. He is also a very nice guy to work with and could support your business in multiple ways.

Alan - Director - News Media

Richard is a true logistics professional in every sense of the word. He quickly became a market leader in the distribution of palletised freight in England. From all angles, Richard demonstrates his strong passion for business, his entrepreneurial drive and his industry expertise in supporting businesses through both successful and challenging times.

Jenny - Partner - Business Services

I met Richard just over 2 years ago, during his time working with our business, his desire to understand our situation and persistence to drive confidence within the team, encouraged us to think completely outside of the box which certainly progressed our business to a new level. He is very proactive in his approach and I would highly recommend him.

Susan - Director - Logistics

Our management services

  • Accreditation management

    Whether you are operating in the private or public sector, appropriate accreditation can give you a competitive advantage over alternative suppliers. Relevant certification also supports the self-improvement, maturity and the positive evolution of your business which emulates through everyone involved in your organisation.   Our services cater for extensive accreditation types and we consult with you to determine which are the most appropriate for you.

  • Industry sector compliance

    Whatever your compliance or regulation requirement, we offer leading expertise and specialist experience, covering risk assessments, health and safety and other critical good business practices. Our technical expertise and knowledge covers a wide range of specialist services including sound, air, vibration, fire, water and other risks.  We also provide expert sector compliance in the industries of retail, leisure, food, all types of transport, logistics and supply chain.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Making the right decisions for either can be very challenging. It is natural to think that acquiring or merging with a competitor can be beneficial but this is not always the case and can lead to failures in both businesses. Seeking the best advice, measuring the level of investment required and allocating the appropriate time involved, is critical in these circumstances. We can navigate a strategic integration path that proves successful for all those concerned.

  • Cost reduction analysis

    Everyone needs a sharp eye on costs, our cost reduction analysis process combines short, medium and long term initiatives with multiple saving options. Our strategies bring issues quickly to the surface, identify the cost impact and deliver the best solution. Once you engage in this process, we work jointly with you to implement the most appropriate cost reduction program, whilst maintaining maximum productivity, optimum efficiency and increased performance.

  • Change management

    Organisations need to respond quickly to short-term requirements, whilst also anticipating and achieving their long-term objectives. To outperform competitors, businesses need to manage change with precision, at a pace that is fast and efficient. To succeed and remain flexible in today’s business environments, companies must manage a broad range of development, expansion and restructuring that requires change in strategy, in order to reach the next level.

  • Project management

    We provide assistance and support from basic to complex at all levels of implementation and sophistication.  Determining a new system, structure or process can be intricate, frustrating and costly, if it is not carried out in the most optimum and strategic manner.  Quantifying the resources, budgeting the change and preparing all aspects concerned appropriately, requires considerable advance planning and our team are ideally suited to support you.

  • Contract negotiation

    Negotiating commercial contracts is not just about the legalities, a good contract should capture the practical commercial terms. Our consultants are highly experienced negotiators of all contract types and have the expertise to help you achieve the best terms. Contracts that benefit both parties and exceed expectations create long lasting partnerships, strengthen commercial relationships and provide more accurate profitability forecasts.

  • Non-Exec services

    Company boards of directors are under greater scrutiny, with increased compliance and tighter regulations than ever before. Shareholders’ expectations continue to rise which places more and more pressure on the board.  We understand these challenges and work closely with our clients to ensure they recruit the most appropriate non-executive directors to help steer the business in the right direction, achieving strategic goals and improving profitability.

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